Thursday, May 28, 2009


When I finished Oak Brook, my immediate post-graduation goals were to (1) learn Latin and (2) learn how to whistle.

I accomplished neither.

This time I set no particular post-graduation goals except (1) catch up on work and (2) get ready to go to Jordan. But along the way I have accomplished the following, which have made me very happy:

(1) poking around Westlaw for no particular reason other than to read up on what's new with the Establishment Clause
(2) practicing piano
(3) washing my car
(4) visiting libraries just for fun (including the duck pond library with Nos. 5 and 6)
(5) washing the kitchen miniblinds (this is a demented hobby, which would be better if I didn't somehow tweak them every time)
(6) finally visiting an Eaton compound
(7) writing cards
(8) going to see a non-stupid movie (without worrying about studying!)
(9) getting enough sleep
(10) reading more than the first chapter of Planet Narnia
(11) listening to Hugh Hewitt for more than 30 minutes at a time
(12) thinking slightly more clearly

And, one week out, I still haven't wished I was back in school. This may be a record...

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