Saturday, May 30, 2009

there goes that dream

So I went to read the Time cover story with the sole intention of writing a blog post picking apart Michelle Obama's interview and pointing out what a superior lawyer-first-lady I would be.

Before the whole law school thing, when my impossible dream temporarily changed to becoming a Supreme Court justice, I intended to be First Lady. It is, of course, a complicated dream with many various interrelated facets, the most complicated being that the First Lady is married to the President. But, this being a dream, it is acceptable to bypass temporarily the consideration of said various interrelated facets.

Anyhow, so I went to read the article to criticize it.

But it was so inspiring that instead I sat at my computer and tried to not cry.

So lovely. So self-effacing. So normal. So able to breathe. Wow.

That plan down the drain, I googled for a survey of ALL the first ladies ever, and found that I seem to have already failed the first test of future First-Lady-hood: never having intended to be the First Lady. It has to surprise you one day all of a sudden.

So much for that.

So, I guess now I will have to shoot for one of my secondary dreams, like marrying the CEO of GM.

Oh, wait . . .

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