Friday, June 05, 2009

not qualified

Today I finally backed up the computer and tried to clean its brains out. But, because I don't speak much Computer (and because I got all my instructions from, I messed up and reformatted the small brain that has all the instructions in it for reformatting the big brain.

I also ransacked my room to find the reformat CD that came with this computer. I still have the reformat disks from my original computer (The Wow), more than ten years old. And everything from the Inspiron 4150. Only the disks from THIS computer are missing.

In the process, though, I did run past very many old notes and letters from friends and grades (not good grades for LPFL, in case anybody is still wondering) and bank statements and that kind of thing. It wasn't especially helpful, as I always have a troubling feeling of putting my affairs in order before leaving on a long trip.


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