Monday, June 08, 2009


Texting Raises Family Tension at Local Graduation Celebration
FOUNTAIN VALLEY-- Hours before receiving her M.S. in Chemistry, local student Rebecca [redacted] found her worst fears confirmed: her older sister had been maintaining a secret texting addiction. "I've suspected it for months," said Rebecca, now a Ph.D. candidate at UCI, "but I never expected it would come to light like this." Rebecca and her older sister, Emily, an attorney in Huntington Beach, purchased a Verizon family plan last year. "That's when it started," said the young chemist, "she started hiding the bills, insisting that her texting charges were less than $5." Sources at Verizon confirmed that Ms. [redacted] rejected an offer to sign up for their 200 texts for $4.99 plan late last year, asserting that she could keep her off-plan texting activities below the minimum. "We had a talk about it last week, and she assured me she'd quit. But, while we were sitting there at lunch, I heard the beep." Ms. [redacted] denies any illegitimate texting activity, and has called Saturday's message "a junk text." She claims to have deleted it without opening it.

A call to Ms. [redacted] at the law office was not returned, but office staff said that she has not been seen there for weeks. "She used to work here, even hung her diploma on the wall," said one employee who asked to remain unnamed, "but we could tell something had changed. I wish her well, and hope that she agrees to rehab."

"Rehab may be our only option," confirmed the concerned scientist-sister. "That, or switching to AT&T."

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