Sunday, July 12, 2009

complaining in the desert

Here is a video I took yesterday at Mt. Nebo. This is the spot where God allowed Moses to see the Promised Land before he died. I wonder if it is also the spot where Michael and Satan fought over Moses' body (mentioned in the book of Jude).

The view is incredible. As usual, the video doesn't do it justice.

Incidentally, before we even left Nebo some of our party started a bout of complaining that lasted the whole day. I was really annoyed all day, but at night I started to think about Moses and to kind of laugh about the same desert being the site for the same kind of complaining, now like in Moses' time.

As soon as we got to Nebo, I got away from the group and had some time to take in the view by myself. I was thinking about this song:

I Will Change Your Name

May we seek God even in our weakness and failure, and have confidence that He has changed our names and allowed us through Christ to be not only servants, but friends.

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danay said...

I'm finding that a lot of the complaints I make say more about what's lacking in me, and less about the circumstance I'm complaining about. Thanks for the perspective and the "view from the top."