Sunday, July 12, 2009

who'd have thought

I met St. George in Madaba. Here we are:

I am pretty happy about this.

Probably even more happy than I am about meeting my new favorite drink ever, the Galaxy. Here it is:

This drink has some kind of banana shake-like stuff, over Nutella, chocolate, and some delicious cream whose identity we are still determining. We think it is ishta. It also had chopped banana and nuts every once in a while. This drink was SO GOOD, I cannot accurately describe it.

You'll have to come to Second Circle one day and try it for yourself.


No. 4 said...

nice shirt! could you bring me one of those delish things home?

mle said...

Thanks on the shirt. Pretty un-frumpy, eh? I don't think that the drink would survive the trans-Atlantic trip. It looked pretty gross after not too long.

No. 4 said...


don said...

Great pictures Emily. Still praying for you. God bless!

Uncle Don