Monday, October 26, 2009

postponement strategy

I have conducted an informal survey of all the bloggers I know, and come to the following conclusion:

I will start taking (and posting) pictures when/if I have children. Nothing will stop me from posting them. I will post a lot of them.

This will make many people happy, since pictures of children are widely reputed to be well-received.

(Yes, this is a sorry excuse for not taking OR posting any pictures of social functions, special events, or other things that probably I should be photodocumenting. But I don't really have anything better to go on.)


Amy K said...

Yeah, those of us with kids no longer have any energy or brain cells to post thoughtful things anymore, so it's pictures, pictures. :)

Emily said...

You've got super super cute kids AND lots of live brain cells (and great cooking ideas, to boot). Hey, I heard from your parents that you are coming out to CA pretty soon. I hope to see you guys.

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