Monday, March 28, 2011


On Friday afternoon I got home from the best spring break ever (more on that later, probably), walked into my room, and found the remains of the recent War of Term Papers still sprawled over the battlefield:

Thankfully, most of these are library books that will be going back today (not looking forward to that trip...).

But I'm finding that each quarter I'm accumulating quite a few books that are in that ambivalent window of probably-not-going-to-read-again-but-worth-keeping-instead-of-selling-back---like this collection from last quarter:

(Note: I have vacuumed since this picture was taken. The books may still be homeless, but they are no longer keeping company with dustbunnies or stray hairs.)

So more space-efficient shelving is probably tops for a summer to-do list, even if it does mean replacing these shelves, which are one of the first furnishings of my parents' household, and even if it means less-spacious accommodations for my collection of stuffed animals wearing motarboards:

'Cause I had a book problem long before I started at UCI,

only aggravated by my most recent (and final?) move out of the law office,

and showing no signs of abating any time soon.

This stack (plus two more Amazon acquisitions) is my book plunder since Friday:

I love my books, and I'm even rather fond of my problem.

But I'm tired of hauling them around, and not sure what I'll do when my bookshelf space runs out (getting rid of books doesn't ever really seem like an option).

One of these days I may even be open to the [currently-still-heretical-sounding] idea of Kindle.

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