Thursday, October 26, 2006

in all your ways

Today I showed up at Biola for GodBlogCon 2006.

And today I learned a whole lot about what real God-glorifying blogging is.

But I didn't learn it at the conference, because I only stayed long enough to pick up my name tag and eat dinner before heading back to home and church for Bible study.

I learned it just now, at home, from -- of all places -- a blog post by Ted (who is still famous) about how a snow storm kept him from attending the first day of the conference.

Years ago I remember Pastor Hann paraphrasing Proverbs 3:6 as "in all your ways make Him known, and He will make your paths straight." Since then I've spent a lot of time thinking about what "all my ways" are, and how to acknowledge or make Him known in those ways.

It so happens that a lot of ways that God makes Himself known to us are part of the little details of everyday life, not just big huge landmarky things.

Blogs are a handy venue for pointing those things out. A blog shouldn't be the only "way" these things are pointed out in my life, but it's definitely one way.

And if that's what I accomplish through this blogging thing, then it's worth it.

(P.S. - In case it sounds strange to you to be going to a "blog conference" to meet with "bloggers" and talk seriously about "blogging" -- it is. My mom is enjoying laughing at the whole idea. The silliest-feeling part of all [so far] was being in a food line at a cafeteria very seriously discussing whether Blogspot is a better host than Wordpress. Am I an official geek yet?)


Aaron said...

Yes, it is official.

Anonymous said...

Blogger is better because of the gmail-style spellcheck.
Are you in the beta Google account integration thing yet?

At any rate, your "all his ways" writing always puts my silly questions to shame. Keep it up!

mle said...

No, I'm not in beta. So you switched? How goes it?

And, btw, spell check????? Who uses spell check?????????

Anonymous said...

if you use gmail anyway, it's nice. Not too much integration so far, just less login hassle. Sometimes it's a pain logging in to comment here because you're not on the beta...

Spellcheck is essential for those who are a)dyslexic (or just poor typists) and b)unconsciously switching between American and English spelling. Spellcheck that involves a pop-up word-by-word surgical procedure is not worthwhile, but the Google spellcheck is simple and fast.

Ted Slater said...

Woo hoo! I'm still famous! ;-)

Great blog, BTW.