Saturday, October 28, 2006


Last night at the C&C prayer meeting we talked and prayed about Somalia and the need for someone to take the Word to the Somali people.

For anyone who was there and wants to learn more, or for anyone who wants to join us in praying for the Somali people, here are some helpful links:

Joshua Project: Somalia

BBC country profile: Somalia

Library of Congress country study: Somalia


Anonymous said...

Is your church affiliated with any missionaries in Somalia?
We've got a sister-church (or daughter-church, depending on how you look at it) in Kigali, Rawanda, and sometimes it's hard for me to gauge how much trouble they're having. One week the government is seizing their property, the next week the Mayor and Police Chief are attending regular services... The reports are mostly positive, but I wonder sometimes.
God is good, but we can never do too much praying!

mle said...

No, we don't have/know anybody in Somalia right now. So you had some people from your church start a church in Rwanda?

It is strange to interpret news from far away, especially when it's happening in a totally unfamiliar cultural setting.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and it's even stranger when you've got some journalist pre-interpreting the situation for you. I'll take news from Penticostal missionaries over news from "the media" any day.
Example: My (Lutheran) uncle's description of tribal Kenya is totally different than anything I've ever heard on TV or in the paper: the centrality of the spiritual condition in his stories means that everything actually seems more negative, but with a real hope for change. (And a feeling that I can actually help--by praying, sending money to specific projects, etc.)