Monday, November 06, 2006

experts: kids not worth expense

Just Friday I made the no-seatbelts-on-schoolbuses discovery.

And this morning I find this article:

School bus injuries send 17,000 kids to ERs each year.

How can a state that requires parents to buckle their own kids think it's okay to leave those same kids unbuckled when they're under it's control?

"Don't expose your kids to unnecessary danger! Let the state do it for you!"


Emily said...

Having rode the bus for seventeen years, I often wondered the same question. I do, however, believe that the powers that be explained it to us this way: a few bruises sustained from an accident is better than a bus full of restrained children who can't undo their seatbelts should the bus
- fall into water
- catch on fire
- roll over and land upside down
- get in any sort of accident where exiting the bus is important.

mle said...

Hmmmmmmm. They sound like good enough reasons. If I ever got a job on 60 Minutes, I would investigate thoroughly.