Friday, November 10, 2006

bad day for Basil

One of my purposes in establishing this blog was to publicize lesser-known holidays (e.g., Horton Hears a Who Day [May 15], Butter Battle Book Day [last day of summer], full moons, el dia de la rosa y el libro [April 23], etc.).

Today, November 10, is yet another lesser-known holiday: Dorian Gray's birthday.

(Of all the dates I've known and forgotten, it is a pity that I remember this one. Alack.)

When I get to be an English professor, if I have a lot of leeway for choosing my own readings, it would be fun to teach a class on "Sin and Consequences," and have a reading list something like this:

The Picture of Dorian Gray
Anna Karenina
The Forged Coupon
The Silver Chair
Paradise Lost (which I have to read first)
The Divine Comedy: Inferno (ditto)

I'm sure there are others, but I guess that would be enough for one semester.

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